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New tallowwood deck

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    Question Wattyl oil and test for treatment for new tallowwood deck

    Hi all, great post by UteMad but I have a few more questions(don't we all )
    We get lots of sea mist, is any oil/stain better than another for these conditions?
    Wattyl professional promotes tung oil in their product, I thought tung oil was not suitable for outdoors, also does it have a natural looking finish.
    Lastly I was told that if you put a little water on the new deck it is ready to treat when the water soaks in and does not bead and sit on top
    Cheers hol
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    i dont get into tongue oil but thats just me. As to wattyl deck oil its a short lived deck oil and 3 months in exposed conditons would be all you could expect from it. its cheap to buy at around 100 - $120 per 10 litre but unless you like doing it 4 times a year buy a better product to start with..If you do want wattly its cheap at kmart from memory in 4 litre tins

    cheers utemad

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