OK ... I put my Jarrah deck down about 4 years ago and I got lazy and thought I knew better and straight nailed using a nail gun and now all the boards are lifting ... don't tell me off, I feel bad enough as it is!

SO ... I have decided to pull up all the boards, fill the nail holes (I only put 1 nail in at each joist) and hand nail (using 2 timber-lock nails at each joist intersection) to make sure I finally do a good job ... it is $190 for 4 litres but I'm willing to pay to do a good job.

I'm going to coat the deck in an oil/varnish that is used on boat decks, in my limited experience is by far the most durable finish on the market (I forget what it's called ... my brother-in-law used it on his deck and after 18 months the finish still looks as good as when he first put it down).

My question is, is there an oil based putty available in a Jarrah colour that I can use that can be sanded and won't break down or swell when the deck gets rained on (this happened to my brother-in-law in a couple of spots on his deck and I don't want it to happen to me cos I've stuffed it up enough already )