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    I tried to post this before but think I failed - so sorry if it is a duplicate.

    I am wanting to replace a treated pine deck around my pool. Our yard slopes steeply and has a rock cliff halfway down. The pool is built on the lower level - ie an above ground concrete pool set on piers so that the deck is level with our upper yard. The existing deck has treated pine posts (set in the ground - up to 3m high), bearers and joists with the joists also sitting on the conscrete pool edge. It is about 10 years old and the boards are splitting and lifting.

    Can I keet the old posts, bearers and joists and just replace the deck or should I replace the lot?

    Are the posts OK in the ground or should they be sitting in stirrups?

    I would like to lower the joists so they are attached to the side of the pool (rather than on top) and have a row of pavers around the pool edge and the deck flush with them. How should I attach the joists to the side of the concrete pool. Joist hangers dyna bolted into the concrete (a lot of drilling and dyna bolting)? Or can I dyna bolt angle iron or something else for them to sit on (if so what spacing/sizing of bolts)?

    Final question. I am wanting to use a composit edecking board rather than wood I have to stain. I'd prefe a dark hardwood look but haven't seen one I like (Modwood colours not great - jarrah looks too red). any suggestions?


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    Original Post here.


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