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    Hi All, and happy new year !!

    One project that I have now is to re-fresh the decking around my pool in my new place. It hasn't been touched in years, so looks pretty ratty, but the timber seems to be in ok condition, so I wanted some advice on whether to oil or paint the timber ??

    Not sure what kind of timber was used, and was built with ridges up not down. Was it treated pine maybe as it has lasted a while and was probably cheap to build at the time ?

    In Melbourne, so temperature varies heaps ! Full sun exposure and chlorine pool - and older timber that has the ridges fairly worn and grooves probably full of gunk!! bit of a challenge for me - so would appreciate some help.

    I have read lots about lovely wood oils and seen lots of pretty pictures of new oiled decks - but haven't seen anything about re-freshing an old deck ??

    any advice out there ???


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    Try to clean it first using nappysan (or generic) and a high pressure cleaner. directions here. http://www.renovateforum.com/f196/cl...ur-deck-75429/ costs next to nothing to do this and works really well

    might take a few scub and cleans but then you will know what you have to work with, and what timber. You will need to do this whether you oil or paint.

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