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Pryda Solid Stirrup Post Anchor

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    Default Pryda Solid Stirrup Post Anchor

    Hi Guys,

    I'm starting to plan a small low freestanding deck 3.6 * 3.0 in my back yard. The plan is the use post stirrups in concrete and attach the bearers to the stirrups.

    I plan to use solid stem stirrups and avoid the hollow type.

    I was wondering why this type of stirrup (no feet) is no longer listed on the pryda website or the bunnings one for that matter. Have they been discontinued for some reason?


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    Worked this one out. I called Pryda and they told me that ITW Proline have more Pryda stock online than Pryda actually do, customer service laughed at this.

    These anchors are still available in boxes of 10 or individually if anyone is interested. ITW sell to all major hardware stores.

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