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    Default Scrooz Razr

    Hi All, for those of you that use razr from Scrooz, what is your recommendation for the type of scrooz to use. I am looking at the deck pro and the torx. I like the look or the torx. Itís for 140/22 blackbutt into Tp.

    A builder that is helping me build my deck (weekend cashie) told me to get the self drilling zeniths from Bunnings. I brought a small pack and the self drill ability seems to be poor leaving a poor finish. I am
    Not going to be using those so looking at alternatives.

    I am going to go down the predrill / countersink route as I am looking for a really good finish and as my boards are pre oiled I do not want to sand after.

    Any thoughts would be great, Cheers

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    Sorry for very lat reply.
    I used the Scrooz and no problem, predrilling is a must. I had recycled hardwood joists and had to pilot drill full length of screw.

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    I use the Scrooz ceramic coated decking screws with the square drive head. https://www.scrooz.com.au/screws/dec...hload-ceramic/ These are much stronger than SS and look as good IMO. Pre-drilling is always the only way and embed at least 1mm so that if sanding is needed later it can be done without having to retighten every screw.
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