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Shed subfloor post/stump

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    Default Shed subfloor post/stump

    Iím in the process of planning a raised shed subfloor over uneven and stepped ground. 3x2m lightweight garden shed on 140x45 joists and bearers. One end will be on short stirrups bolted to the bearer and sitting on the old shed concrete floor. The other end will be approx 300mm off the ground and Iím trying to decide on a long stirrup or a short timber post/stump.

    Can I use 2x45x90 to make a 90x90 post? I know this is used for bearers but I canít find if this is done for posts. Reason being that I have this timber in stock and it would make it easier to connect to the bearer rather than notching a 90x90 post - ie cut one half short for the bearer to sit on and one half long to bolt through the bearer, like a notched post.


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    Not supposed to but I have done it. Works well for me but I do use glue and bolts not nails to join the timber together.
    I did it for the same reason I had a few 90*45 H3 sitting here and I didn't have to go out and purchase the 10mm bolts I used. For a short stump I'd be happy with bugles from each side tho.
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