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Struct engineer timber sizes (can't find sizes and grade he specified)

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    Default Struct engineer timber sizes (can't find sizes and grade he specified)

    Hi all,

    I have received my engineer plans back for a small landing and stairs for the rear of our house. The engineer has specified F8 treated pine but all the timber merchants I have contacted say only F7.

    Also, the sizes he listed with the merchant stock in bracket 100X50 (95x45), 170X50 (x40), 150X75 (either 138x65 laminated beam) and posts of 100x100 (90x90 or 115x115). How flexible is say council with variations in timber sizes when they go to sign off?

    Further, I need stair treads that span 1.26M and was thinking 50mm x 290mm blackbutt. Would this suffice?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    just comfirm it with him. I would imagine that it would be the dressed compared to the undressed size.
    sorry for the ramble.

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    Definitely a good idea to discuss with the engineer as the draftsperson may have used some invalid assumptions about timber size availability. I was recently a bit mystified by some steel frame specs so took the plans into the engineer's office where it became apparent that he had subbed our job out to a company offshore and he hadn't fully checked their work before forwarding to us. But his bill was well under expectations - not surprising since we all knew he'd paid peanuts to get the work done!

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