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Suggestions for Northern Box Decking Oil

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    Default Suggestions for Northern Box Decking Oil

    Hi there to all. I'm a new member to the forum although I've been reading it for a while. Thanks to the advice I've read on here I've been able to build a nice deck so far (more to go though). The decking I went with was northern box (Pelawan) as the price of merbau just went through the roof.

    Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on the oil type to use on the deck (Natural or pigmented such as merbau or Jarrah)? I would like to get something similar to the colour in the thread http://www.renovateforum.com/f196/ha...pelawan-75341/ that also used the same timber. The reason I was considering pigmented is that some of the timbers used are quite lighter than others.

    Please see attached pics and appreciate the help. (1st pic is from the above mentioned thread whilst pics 2 and 3 are the before and after of the deck so far)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails desired-colour.jpg   deck.jpg   before-deck.jpg  

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    Well done. You've made a great space out of a difficult site by the looks of it.

    I personally wouldn't be concerned with trying to blend the lighter boards; that's all part of the charm IMHO. If you use a product like Cutek CD50 you will need to choose a tint because as a clear product it will allow the timber to grey. 'Natural' oil (oil or water based) products from the likes of Feast Watson have a slight tint to retain the colour and adds some UV protection. You could also choose a hard acrylic product like Flood's Spa 'n' Deck - while it should last longer it will require extra work like sanding when a recoat is required, whereas with penetrating oils you should have less to do before a recoat as long as maintenance is kept up. Please keep the maintenance up regardless of what product you decide on! I will be using Cutek CD50 next time.

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