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VERY low deck!

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    Default VERY low deck!

    Now im only 16 and it just me and mum so keep that in mind. I've done a bit of decking with dad berfore but still a novice.

    Anyway out the back we have paving as soon as you step out of the house and we went a nice timber deck because the pavers are starting to crack and fall out of the sides. I have a bout 50-100 clearance from the ground under the pavers so should i just concrete over the paves the lay down the decking off of that or rip the pavers up and deck off of concerting footings??? i dnt really no so thats why im on here

    Thanx Peachy

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    gday peachy

    you can lay the joists directly onto the pavers. this will save you a few bob, a bit of yakka, and cover them up fine. if your pavers are on a slope then you can use bricks/pavers/steel (anything that will not compress) as packers to get the joists level. spacing of the packers should be at about a metre - spacing for the treated pine joists will be 450mm.

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