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What size bearers!?!? So confused!

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    Default What size bearers!?!? So confused!

    Hi after dealing with so many shonky builders I have decided to attempt to build my deck alone! A big task but we are pretty handy ) Would love to get someone to do it, but sadly I have not found an honest builder so far after my regular builder retired (

    Deck is around a salt water pool in NSW and is "U shaped" to fold around the side of the pool- the other half is already paved. I want to put the deck around the pool and join the paved areas together with deck basically.

    Width of the deck at each end of the pool is 7.5m /6.5m respectively
    width of the deck at the middle of the pool 5.5m
    ie curvature of the pool side causes a 2m difference in deck width. (See picture attached)

    total length of deck 13.5 m - we want bearers running perpendicular to the pool and joists running parallel to the pool (this makes the decking butt up against the pool edge and easier to support near the edge as well).

    We were hoping to minimise the number of piers by increasing the size of the bearers.... But also have only 25cm clearance from the pool edge to the ground-- may have to dig out some soil which we are happy to do!

    I have poured over load tables and different lbw options / bearer spacings and cannot find a happy medium! Our friend said to put in 50 piers spaced at 1.5m with bearers 140x75 but I calculated I could use 18 piers or so with bearers 190x70 spaced at 3m---- I guess I'm severely confused lol.

    We want to use pryda stirrups into concrete, S/S screws and merbau decking.

    lol would value any input you may have ))

    regards Edward
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    Have attached a PDF of your layout according to aus standards span tables. You will see the max spans relating to the timber choice (MGP10 190x45) in the text at bottom. Don't forget, as it's so close to the ground, best you use timber suited to in ground use, H4 treated. Always best to span less than the max. Don't take the figures as exact but pretty close. Fixings will need to be able to cope with salt water so do a bit of research on that.

    pool deck.pdf

    Cheers, Su.

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