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Would this work? Joists with with no bearer

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    Question Would this work? Joists with with no bearer

    Hi all, it's been great reading this forum and getting ready for my own deck project. Thanks to everyone who contributes.

    I haven't found answer to my query so here goes.

    My project is to use decking boards recovered from a deck on my property that was replaced due to age to create a new deck (approx 8m x 2.4m). The new deck is at the back of my house under the current deck where we currently store things on pallets and is exposed to the weather.


    The main problem is at the lowest point, my clearance from the intended top to the deck to the dirt with 19mm boards is 210mm.

    My intention instead of using bearers is to concrete 4 U-brackets with 90x90 posts and fix horizontally to the side of the post a 140x45 board to which my joists (400 centres) will be fixed to with hangers. The joists will be fixed to both ends with hangers. Will this type of configuration without a bearer work for a deck width of 2.4m? If not all recommendations would be appreciated. I'm trying to minimise movement and bounce in the deck.


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    why can't you make the 140x45 board a proper sized bearer or are you just worried about the clearance between it and the gound? 140x45 bearer may even suffice, just double check in the span tables.

    if you wanted to use LVL you can probably go even smaller but as long as you have some clearance off the ground and its fairly well drained it shouldn't be too big of an issue.

    another option would be just make it all out of the galvanised steel and you'll never have to worry about it rotting
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    The concept is fine. The 140x45 "board" is still called a bearer in this application.
    Dont use clouts to fix the brackets, you'll need proper galvanised connector nails, 30 or 35mm long.
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