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Demolition, restumping etc

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    Default Demolition, restumping etc

    I love looking at photos of other people's renovations, so I thought I'd post some photos of what is happening around our place at the moment. I'll update it as it progresses.

    So far we've had our front patio demolished (we took the roof off ourselves - it was hideous) and the perimeter has been restumped with metal. The middle of the house will be done with concrete stumps.

    Yet to happen is the roof, and front deck construction....

    Anyway, here are some photos. I'm glad we decided to restump as most of the stumps are in very bad shape, as you can see...

    Feel free to comment, make suggestions etc.
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    Hi LotteBum

    Looks like its action stations at your place hey....

    Keep the photo's coming

    cheers utemad

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    oh the joys of renovating

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    The restumping is all done now and looks fantastic! No more ugly orange bricks anywhere!

    As we speak, the new roof is going on. The gutters have been replaced with Colorbond (Deep Ocean) and the roof will be Zincalume. It was half done yesterday and it looks fantastic!

    Deck construction looks set to commence this weekend and should look great!

    Hiccups so far:
    • The restumping guy's son did some damage to his ankle, slowing the job down by a few days.
    • RAIN!!! Brisbane has been a barren frigging desert for HOW LONG!?! And it starts raining when our new roof is going up. Not happy, but feel bad b!tching about it at the same time.
    • Gas.... we have now been without gas for 4 weeks. The form was filled out correctly, sent to Australian Pipeline Trust, inclusive of the date we wanted the gas reconnected. It's now been two weeks since we wanted it re-connected, but someone at one of the gas mobs mucked up, so we're hoping it's reconnected tomorrow. I'm very much over frozen meals and cold showers. It took my partner about 20 calls to get zip out of them. It took me 3. They don't call me "The Nazi" for no reason.
    • I miss our dogs terribly. They've been at my mum's place for 4 weeks now and I drive out to mum's place every day after work to walk them. I'm used to 15 minutes each way on a scooter - all of a sudden I'm driving (in a CAR!) more than twice as much! ARRGH!
    On the upside, the restumping guys (A1 Restumping) were very professional and I'm stoked with not only their work and profesionalism, but their ability to do so much more than just restumping. Very lovely to deal with.

    The roofing mob (Strong Guard Roofing) have also been excellent. They're removing the asbestos roof plus the metal tile roof on top of it and their price has remained the same, despite the original quote being over a year ago.


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