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Drainage at side of house

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    Default Drainage at side of house

    We had our house re-stumped about 8 or 9 months ago but recently noticed that one corner is moving again. Closer inspection shows that water is collecting in the area around 2 stumps at the corner of the house where we are seeing movement.

    Shortly after we re-stumped I siliconed up some gaps in the downpipe as water was was running down the outside - there are clear signs this has been a problem in the past. As a temporary bodge I also put some concrete along the edges where it was broken up by the re-stumpers along the side of the house in an attempt to hold back some of the surface water. It appeared to work when it rained during the summer months but now it's getting wetter there is clearly a problem. We haven't noticed any movement anywhere else

    There is definitely surface water working it's way to the stumps but potentially there could be some damage to the underground stormwater pipe adding to the issue. I can't tell if there is surface water from the neighbour's property draining under the fence or not.

    I think trying to add more concrete is trying to fight a losing battle so I'm expecting to have to break it up. We were planning to do this at some point down the line but has just become more of a priority.

    My question is will having a permeable surface along the whole side of the house be likely to be sufficient for the surface water or should I be looking to add an underground or surface drain to connect to the storm water?

    I'm yet to check that water isn't backing up through the drain but will be doing so.


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    Is next door surface level higher or lower than your concrete paving?

    If it lower than the water might be running underneath the concrete.

    You have tight access so this looks like a hand job.

    I would rip up the concrete redo the drainage which won't cost that much lay some aggi under the new concrete however make sure it runs into strom water.

    Maybe some others on here might have different ideas.

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