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Floorboard noise from adjacent house

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    Unhappy Floorboard noise from adjacent house

    I live in a free standing house seperated from my neighbour by about 5 meters.

    Their house is slightly raised off the ground by about 1 meter and open underneath on my side. . The flooorboards are wooden.

    I can hear them walking up and down the hallway and the sound seems to amplify to a low frequency thudding sound. No matter what room I am in the sound penetrates the walls of my house even with the doors and windows shut.

    It has recently become worse since the new neighbours moved in with 3 kids who run up and down the hall all day long.They start running about 6am eery morning and it continues for hours. I have lived in apartments before and there was less noise.

    I need to fix the problem as I don't want to move and I won't be able to sell the house with this noise problem.

    My questions are: Why is it so loud for a freestanding house. What is causing it ?

    If I brick up the space underneath my neighbours house between the ground and the floorboards will it stop the noise ?

    Does anyone else have this problem ?


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    May be easier and cheaper to carpet their hallway, if they'll let you.

    We have neighbours who like to think of themselves as "musicians"

    Every weekend, they plug in the guitars and microphones and let rip in broken english with strong chinese overtones, totally destroying the classic works of The Beatles and many others.
    Our favourite is Werrcome to the Hoterr Carrrifornia.

    Alan M

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    What is seperating your property from theirs?

    I imagine a fence? It is going to be far easier to control the noise from your side by installing a sound barrier. Tall hedge, noise insulating fence material, double glaze your windows, insulate your walls.

    Lots of things you can do.

    It wont effect the sale of the house if you choose to sell. Just speak with the neighbours before an open house and ask them to be particularly quiet at that time, or even buy them a voucher for the local coffee place to get them out. You may also find that you are noise sensitive. This is not a criticism, just a part of life. I run a compliance section for a local council and we often get complaints similar to yours. One person will be pulling their hair out while others have never noticed. Some noises just effect some people a lot more than others. I myself cant sleep if I hear a dripping tap, but can sleep with road noise .

    Good luck!
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    Is it an old house you live in? The one I'm in at the moment is around 100 yrs old and the stud walls don't have bottom plates, the studs sit on the bearers. As such there is a fairly sizeable air gap and I have noticed noise travels further. I can hear my neighbour get into her car quite clearly when im in my lounge. If this is the case you could try crawling underneath your house and stuffing insulation in the gaps.

    Here's a pic of what I mean, obviously there is no floor but you can imagine when the floor is in place butted up to the studs there's still a large gap.
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    We're not allowed to take 'em out and shoot 'em anymore are we?
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