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How many opinons did/do you get?

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    Default How many opinons did/do you get?

    I think I have made some mistakes, and I am curious as to what other people have done in the past.
    Last year we had an engineer come and visit for an inspection as we were starting to get some stair cracks in a brick all at the rear of our house.
    The bricks were starting to move away from the corner of a window and it looks like some previous repairs were starting to come undone.

    We had saved some money and decided to fix the foundations first then fix up some cosmetic problems.

    Any ways we shopped around engineers and found one which had come highly reccomended who showed up looked around poked some stuff and come back and said that the house had moved a bit but it was well within reason for the area and the soil type.
    He sent me through his report which deemed the house to be within Category 2 damage (Cracks noticable but easily filled, doors and windows stick slightly.)
    The reccomendation was to have any cracks repointed, gyprock repaired, and some packing put under the house where the floor felt spongy.

    So we have done that, the contractors who we engaged with seems very skeptical of his reccomendation and seems to think the house is much worse than he suggested.
    We have blown all our budget now having other things done, painting, gutters, and some other repairs.

    His inspection was not very thorough all though he took photos of everything and discussed it with his offisder who was following him around.
    In the interest of learning from my potentially expensive mistake here.

    Makes me wonder should we have had two engineers inspect the house?
    Is this normal practice, I am concerned that the advice we were given was perhaps not the correct one and we have not spent our money wisely.

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    Is it normal practice to obtain the advice off 2 separate engineers - unless you have doubts on the advice provided, then no.....no difference to any professional advice

    I've found any advice they provide is generally conservative...not saying that's a bad thing.
    If he is from the area or has done a lot of work in the area/general soil type, I'd suggest he is familiar with the common issues of seeing the damages/soil movement and if it would require further investigations/excavations to determine the issue or note that in the report.....depending on what service you were paying for.

    I guess the other question is: The contractors who fixed the issues, what experience/qualifications do they have to make such comments?
    To the inexperienced, what looks to be a major issue can be minor.

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