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Joining Bearers- the Sequel

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    Default Joining Bearers- the Sequel

    Following on from my previous thread about use of scarf joints to join bearers lengthways ('Scarf Joint Question') am I right in thinking that the consensus is that a butt joint notched 25mm into the post is the simplest and strongest option, as per the attached sketch? If I can keep the carpentry simple and don't have to add additional plates etc I'd be very happy, but any improvements welcome. If this approach is OK, would say M10x100mm coach screws be the way to go, or should I bolt straight through the bearer and post? Thanks, Clive.
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    I'd go the bolt if it was someone else's property but I have used bugle headed coach screws on my own as I'm lazy.
    And the butt join is the way everyone seams to do it.
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