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To restump or not restump that is the question

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    Default To restump or not restump that is the question

    Hey all,
    In my place I have level hardwood floors that to me seem pretty great. Wasnt going to restump as everything seems solid and level. Building inspector came by and couldnt get access tot he underfloor, but stuck a camera through a vent and told me there is some damage to the stumps he could see and they may need restumping and "I know just the guy to do it for you". Hardly independant advice.

    Is there anyway to gauge whether restumping is required? Or any way to get truely independant advice. I have been told there is no clearance under the house, so the only way to restump is to rip up the boards and start again. that is simply too expensive to contemplate now. The stumps have lasted 70 years til now and remained level. How do you know if there is another 10-20 years still in them?

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    If it is still level.....then why would you restump it? I wouldn't.

    Your building inspector is a dud.

    Other lifting options than lifting floorboards are available.....big steel beams for instance
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    the floor can stay level with faulty stumps - the real test is bounce and movement. But if the floor is not bothering you with noticeable changes then don't do anything. Access can be an issue though for proper inspections and doing any work so you might have a think about how you can provide it. If it simply that there is insufficient height then not much to do until you really need to - and then it's through the floor!
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