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Standard practice for joining piered bearers onto a garage frame?

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    Default Standard practice for joining piered bearers onto a garage frame?

    Hi all.

    We are building a garage attached to the house. The garage slab will be 500mm+ lower (roughly 3 stairs) than the house floor level and timber framed + rendered. The shared wall will be load bearing for the beams of a cathedral/vaulted ceiling.

    Regarding the attached image

    1. Is it okay to share the wall between the garage and house (plaster on both sides)? Or are there certain restrictions against this for firewall etc.

    2. How would you join the bearer that comes from the stumps on to this wall, to tie it into the foundations? Just U-bracket it onto the wall somehow, or something more substantial? (Or overhand it from a closer stump?)

    3. What would you use to cover up the under-house part of the garage wall, since it wont be visible etc? Just fibre cement, maybe painted/sealed?

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    1. I believe it's ok as it's mainly the outside wall of the garage that should be fire rated depending on clearance from the boundary - stand to be corrected though
    2. You could just run the bearer into the wall cavity and support it using Jack studs - the same as you would a lintel (sort of)
    3. Fibro is a good cheap way to cover large areas economically and quickly

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