hi all,

Hoping someone can double check im doing the right thing with sizing/numbers.

Looking at building a Cabin on my weekender farm.
Cabin is 13.5M x 7M in size.

Sub floor is raised off the ground by about 700MM.
Using 89x89mm SHS - 5MM thickness as Posts.
Poles along the Bearer size are 2.25 meter Seperation.
Bearers are C Channel - 200x70mm - 1.9mm thickness. - Bearers are running the 13.5 Meter length
Bearers are spaced 2.3meters apart of each other.

Joists are C Channel 100x50 - 1.9mm thicknss.
Joists will be running with 400mm spacing/centres.

Looking at 18mm Compressed fibro sheeting with Subframe ontop.
Framing is 90x45mm with roof trusses 900Mm spanned with a Corogated roof.
Framing is 400mm centres.

Hoping my numbers hit the standards - any and all suggestions feedback welcome.