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Water rising from brick piers during heavy rainfall

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    Default Water rising from brick piers during heavy rainfall

    Hi all,
    I live in Kahibah, Newcastle.
    I live in a house that is underneath front road level ie is on a significant slope.
    My house is built on brick piers.
    Im pretty sure the soil is clay (not positive)
    When it rains heavily there are 2 piers under my house that "leak" ie water rises from underneath the soil and comes up through the surface. There also seems to be another area where there is no pier where the water rises from.
    Is this something to be concerned about?
    Access in this area ranges from about 75cm to 1.5m.
    Should i be looking to install an AG Line or ? Ive heard its very risky installing Ag Lines near/inbetween piers?
    Thanks for ant info
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    I would be concerned about subterranean water undermining the piers. My first approach would be to divert water from it's approach to the house to see if that is the issue otherwise it might be road drainage issues.

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    Ag line will most likely work if installed correctly
    i.e uphill/upstream of the piers to catch underground water however
    you need to look at where the roof water runs to/discharges as this may also have a bearing on the situation
    although being on a steep slope usually means you can be getting water from somewhere up above the road if the road has been cut into the slope.

    Any ag line install needs to be at least level with, if not below the base of the piers on a level plane so depending how far from the piers and the fall of the land will dictate the depth
    Also keep in mind the base of the trench must fall away in the direction of the flow and the ag line must have an outlet away from any foundations/piers etc meaning you can't just dig a trench as some do and place a pipe and rubble in said trench without an outlet because all you will be creating is a pool.

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