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replace steps on highset

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    Default replace steps on highset

    hello there

    wondering if anyone can give me a rough estimate on cost for replacing these old stairs on a highset, im a just a amateur but would it be easy enough to do yourself?

    cheers mike
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    It looks like you have 13 steps.A Gal stringer costs around $500 (Scott Metals - Products: Stair Stringers: Steel Supplies, Steel Fabrication, Building Products, Steel Products, Stair Stringers, Steel Posts and Beams, Steel Prices, Brisbane Steel Supplies, Brisbane Steel Fabrication, Reinforcing Supplies Brisbane, ) 250x50 h'wood treads around $25/m = $325. Couple bags concrete mix at the bottom $30. bolts for treads and stringers $100 give or take. Total materials = $955. Add some oil for the treads and you won't get any change from $1000.

    Easy job for confident diyer.

    Get someone in double that figure.


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