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    Default buying kitchens used - ebay

    tips for newcommers, I bought a kitchen on ebay and quite pleased, given it was definitely better than what I had.
    A few pointers to those that might be thinking the same, I hbasically removed the kitchen, I was banking on buying new benchtops and appliances (if needed).
    A few things I didnt count on, Its much better to buy one that is already removed.
    The one I bought was nailed to the walls so a bit of damage occurred which meant more time repairing more of an inconvience.
    Tiles are a problem, where it meets the benchtop/cupboards and removing the side of cupboards also caused some damage to the outside but can tile over again.
    Didnt know this as the start but the benchtop had biscuts in the join but not glued thank god, and just hand sawed through them.
    Lastly smashed in the kickboards as they were tiled and wouldnt move when trying to move the modular units.
    So the question remains if you saved any dough compared to flatpack etc.
    All I can say ask the seller some of these questions to help make a better decision on whether to bid or buy one.

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    bloody brilliant observations - thanks mate!!!!!!!!!
    Kilmore (Melbourne-ish)

    ....catchy phrase here

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    I got a tassie oak one off ebay a few months back but one requirement was that it had to be already be removed.

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