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clearance between cooktop and rangehood

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    Default clearance between cooktop and rangehood


    I want to get gas safety check done before renting my property.
    Since the clearance between cooktop and rangehood is less than 600mm, I believe this will fail gas safety check.

    May I know what is my option?
    Do I need to replace the whole cabinet on top of cooktop?
    Or, move the rangehood only to have 650mm clearance?


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    The right distance between a range hood and cooktop depends on the type of cooktop. With a gas cooktop, the range hood has to hang at least 65cm above it. With an electric cooktop, that's 55cm. But don't hang the range hood higher than 80cm above it, or the cooking fumes will escape. Read what you should keep in mind here.
    And.....your point is.....what exactly?

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