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cutting cupboards

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    Default cutting cupboards

    well as i mentioned in a previous post have bought a 2nd hand kitchen but one cupboard as is is usless its a 900 sq box doors on both opp sides that go straight thru hope u all get what i mean
    if i used it the doorway would be less than 300 wide and cant use it any where esle in hse

    well am thinking that i would like to cut the cupboard into 2 one for use as a floor cupboard the other as a wall cupboard what i wouild like to know whats the best way to do so is there a way to cut with out wrecking the laminate ? small chips not a worry as can hide them but am worried might tear the laminate would a fine hand saw be better to cut with or can i get away with the cicluar saw
    i will pull the cupboard apart to cut it up

    so once again any advice greatly apprieciated

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    Careful with the "pulling apart" - this is likely to cause more damage than the circular saw.

    Can you use the unit as an island bench? Or consider using the doors (the dearer part of the unit) on new floor or wall units?

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