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Installing large laminate benchtop

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    Default Installing large laminate benchtop

    Gday guys n girls
    Just after some advice Iím installing a 2.8m by 1m 32mm thick laminate benchtop with a large granite sink. The sinkhole square is machined in the middle of the 2.8m benchtop length 500mm wide by 840mm long. 1 side has only 105mm to width edge and 400mm to other width edge.
    Can I install silicone and clamp the sink 1st and then lift the benchtop to drop into place 1st or install the sink after the benchtop is lifted into place. I was wondering if the sink installed 1st would act as a brace stopping the benchtop length flexing where the hole is cut. Itís pretty tight area fitting the sink clamps underneath with benchtop installed. Also makes sense to install the benchtop without the sink weight in middle too I dunno Iím a 1st timer in the kitchen DIY zone
    I hope I explained it properly wud appreciate some advice. I donít want the benchtop to break in half while installing it with a heavy granite sink installed and it does seem to have a little flex lifting it with a big sink hole in the center of a 2.8m length of laminate benchtop
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    a bit of silicon on the sink isn't going to stop that thing flexing.

    I'd just make sure you have a few more helpers around to support it properly while you carry/install it. can always look at screwing a piece of ply or something underneath if you're really worried around it and just removed it once you've roughly got the bench top in place.
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    Ok thanks for that mate il put the sink in last n get a few helpers to get this benchtop in place

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