So after much deliberating on how to get my kitchen to more 21st century standards (and less cheap mid 2000s feel) I managed to score a bulk of kitchen for cheap (second hand ikea kitchen but less than 2 years old and in top condition) and will be using them apart of a nice kitchen update.

My current kitchen looks like this:
Lounge & dining area & kitchen looks like this:

It wasn't terrible but it wasn't great. Many of the wrap was peeling off the doors, the benchtop was dated, the corner area between the pantry and stove is cramped and tight, benchtop space is limited especially with such a large sink and the corner cabinets were incredibly frustrating to use.

I've bought effectively an L shaped kitchen and need to buy a few extra cabinets to make it work so I've got some options to try and make the space work well for me.

This is my kitchen/dining & lounge room layout. (the red is a load bearing wall/section)

The issues I've got with it is the kitchen layout is that it a feels little tight as it's only 2.2m wide, the lounge area feels too big and and the whole area is not very open plan. Feels very segmented. I'm looking at potentially trying to change this up a bit. I've got kitchen layout plans if I don't move walls, but if I do I can still adjust them.

So if you had the chance - would you do anything with the walls and/or living area layout?

I'm considering 4 options:

1) Remove wall behind pantry
- leaving the load bearing wall next to the fridge (highlighted in red) and I'd move the fridge to the other side of the kitchen. I could fit an island where the old long wall once was or a large benchtop with cabinets facing the lounge as well (more storage). Some nice pendants to dress up the area?
2) Move the wall behind the kitchen over a few feet into the lounge space to increase the kitchen size. Should be able to reduce the wall next to the fridge as only a part of that wall is load bearing.
3) Put a post in the corner of the two walls and have a full open plan kitchen
4) Do nothing and just replace the god damn kitchen cabinets and get on with my life?

Happy to provides sketches and pictures to better illustrate.