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We too are looking at ordering bamboo benchtops slightly longer than 2.4m. Can you tell me who your qld supplier was? We are in Qld.

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I just ordered new bamboo benchtops today, from a bamboo supplier in QLD (I'm NSW). The Bunnings ones look ok if the sizes work for you, but I would have had to buy almost double the surface area I actually needed - not cheap, would have been $1900 and then for me to do the cutting down myself or pay hundreds for someone else to. I just paid $1200 for two sheets cut to size and they're freighting the cut pieces and off-cuts to my door on the day of my choosing. Will have to wait and see whether it all works as planned, but so far I'm really happy.

From all the research I've done recently, bamboo is supposed to be good at coping with water, temperatures, scratches, etc. And you can always sand it back and resurface it if it's looking worn after a few years - could even resurface with a different coloured oil/varnish for a whole new look.