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Recess dishwasher into wall cavity

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    Default Recess dishwasher into wall cavity

    Hi all, haven't posted for a while but this forum is always full of knowledgeable and practical folk, so I thought this was the best place to ask this question.

    I need to replace my dishwasher, but I only have 560mm depth to work with as it is inside cupboard doors. Most built in dishwashers are 570mm and freestanding ones 600mm deep. There are a few integrated dishwashers around but they are very expensive. Changing the cabinets would spoil the aesthetics of the kitchen, and I don't have the skills anyway so would have to pay someone to do it. Having the dishwasher behind cupboard doors really cuts down the noise too.

    To get the extra 10-40mm depth I need, can I cut out the plasterboard behind the dishwasher and build a framed rebate into the wall cavity? Then I can put in any dishwasher I want.

    It is an external wall, brick veneer, slab on ground. I have read there is a minimum specified clearance from framing to the external wall of 50mm, but since it's a 2x4 frame (I guess) there must be 100mm space inside the frame so I should have plenty of room.

    There don't appear to be any studs where I need to make the rebate (I checked above the cupboard but will pull the DW out and check with stud finder tonight), but there will be a sill plate I assume. The dishwashers all seem to have a stepped in section at the back so I might get away with rebating above the sill plate. Cutting out the sill plate doesn't seem like a good idea.

    Could I just box in the area using a 4x2 nogging and short studs (not sure of the correct terms, maybe jack stud?) then just line the back of it with fibro or similar, seal and paint? That would give me almost 100mm extra depth (100mm less the depth of the lining board). Could I seal the cut gyprock edges with plastic angle trim siliconed in place?

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    Default Re: Recess dishwasher into wall cavity

    Maximum stud centre's are 600mm and common studs are 35mm, that gives you 565mm between the studs. There's a very good chance there will be a load bearing stud you will have to cut out which I would highly recommend not doing. It's a little hard to say what your options may be without seeing what you are up against, can you post some photo's? Does this wall have a window/door near the dishwasher opening? also is the roof a truss roof? It may have a girder truss loading on it? As much info on the frame as you can, some photo's of the inside of the roof above the dishwasher would be helpful.

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    It is possible to do what you want but the problem as Balliang said there willl be a structural stud behind the current dishwasher, the correct way to do this would be to put a head in above the dishwasher opening with possibly double studs either side to hold this head up, or notch rebate the existing studs to take the new timber head, this would hold up any loads the stud is currently taking (simiar to making a window opening).

    The main issue you will have with this is that to do a head above the opening you need to open up the wall above the opening and possibly either side, so because you have existing cupboards / tiling etc in the way then I would say this is not a feasable option as you will have to remove these obstructions, which means you will have to replace them when finished and is not worth the cost, good thinking though.

    I would just look at the intergrated dishwashers, these are a lot cheaper nowdays, and fit in seemlessy to your existing cabnitry, fully integrated are around 550mm deep, Omega one is 544mm Omega Dishwasher OFI603A | Appliances Online

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    Better to spend your money on a decent dishwasher rather than chopping up the wall.

    As well as the cost decreases you will find that if you buy a decent dishwasher they are incredibly quiet these days. So much so I often open the door and get sprayed because I don't realise it is on.

    Like Metrix posted any of the semi-integrated dishwashers should fit in the depth and they are cheaper than the fully integrated options.

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    Thanks for all the replies.

    As there is a stud in the way it is too hard/not worth it, so I will keep looking at integrated machines. That Omega unit is more in my price range than the Bosch and ASKO units I had found.

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