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Stainless glue

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    Default Stainless glue

    Just wondering if anyone knows of an alternative to SUPRASEC 7113 (used to be called Dalto bond, or "red glue") for gluing stainless onto a substrate for bench tops. The biggest problem i have is its available only in 20L containers, 1L of which covers 5m2, and i have about that much benchtop, and wont need the other 19L.
    Either that, or does anyone want to buy the leftover? its $385+GST for the 20L.


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    Default Super strong

    I have no idea the product you are talking about - but I would imagine that you would be after a 2 part epoxy type adhesive.

    The one we use on aircraft is 3M 2216 which is a 2 part epoxy with over 3000 psi tensile strength. Will glue anything!!! Just wipe down your stainless with some MEK or Acetone and you are set.

    Otherwise you might try FGI or someone similar - they should have something that you are after (maybe ES 045) or something similar on page 10 http://www.fgi.com.au/files/images/s...ns/Epoxies.pdf

    Have not tried this one - but I can vouch for the 3M - keeps the wings on my plane at a couple of hundred knots!! Your bench top would not even separate in a cyclone.


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    Found the answer, in case anyone else is interested.
    Chemind's Chempol 12-103
    " Applications Designed specifically as single pack, moisture-curing adhesives suitable for bonding a variety of similar and dissimilar substrates.
    Of particular interest are our Rapid Cure Adhesives, which were originally designed as epoxy replacements for the stainless steel bench top industry. The material offers excellent adhesion to stainless steel sheet metal and timber bench base materials, plus resistance to debonding caused by differential expansion of stainless steel and timber. It also allows TIG welding of pre-bonded benches without loss of adhesion."


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