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Timber benchtop and timber floors

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    Default Timber benchtop and timber floors

    Hi Everyone,

    Im very new to this forum but have enjoyed reading everyone's ideas and advice on renovating, it's such a good forum

    Need some advice for my new kitchen reno. Im going with a french provincial style kitchen with a laminated timber benchtop. Cupboards will be a off-white/cream colour. Should we have the kitchen benchtop in the same colour/type of timber as the flooring (thinking of getting spotted gum for the floors) or should I have a slightly contrasting colour benchtop to the floors?

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    It's personal opinion.

    My opinion is. Get a sample of your floor boards. - See how it looks next to the bench top samples.

    Also what is meant by "laminated timber benchtop" Do you mean

    A) Particle borad bench covered in a fake wood coloured laminate? or
    B) A whole pile of Spotted gum wood laminated together into one solid bench top?

    If A, then definitely go the contrast bench and floors
    If B then assuming you can get a very close match go for the matching.

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    Thanks Micmac for your advice.

    The kitchen benchtop will be strips of timber laminated together to make a solid bench top.

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    I would go with the same material.....the different uses and care will over time provide contrasting tones even in the same timber. And spotted gum makes an outstanding benchtop.....

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    Hi and welcome to the forum! You will find a huge amount of advice and wisdom (not from me of course!!!) on the forum - as suggested, some pics might help, or a description of the style of your home .... I find (AND I INTEND NO OFFENCE) that when folks state they want a French Provincial kitchen (a true French Prov. kitchen often consists of a couple cast iron pots, a heat source, a water source and a scrubbed pine table with a sideboard or dresser for the tableware and a cupboard for the food - very simple and beautiful when photographing it, but not quite 21st century functionality) it can sometimes mean they actually wish to evoke certain emotions when they experience their kitchen .... these include a sense of great warmth, natural surfaces, muted blues, greens and cream colours ... a few additional details like perhaps a corbel or two, shelf brackets that are a little more fancy than otherwise, a stove as opposed to wall oven and cooktop ... and knobs/handles that have a bit of 'flair' - this is nothing like a real French Provincial kitchen but that doesn't matter a bit. What matters is that whoever is designing and making your kitchen 'gets' what you're working to achieve full stop!

    Having said all that - there are some real traps folks can fall into with these things ... it may be a great idea to use the exact same material for your benches as your floors are made from - on the other hand a contrast may produce excellent results. I believe the details will go a long way to helping create the feel you want - things like fireclay sinks, exposed tapware and porcelain accented knobs can assist ....a separate china/cutlery cabinet that looks like a buffet and hutch can bring the right feel too .... smaller overhead cabinets that leave a good amount of wall space in between them helps achieve the 'unfitted' look too .... then of course, the addition of a bright red KitchenAid mixer and all those things assist too .... OK I am off to do some work - have fun! Let me know if you want any pics of what I am referring to
    Kilmore (Melbourne-ish)

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