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Cornice cement as alternative to Timbermate?

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    Question Cornice cement as alternative to Timbermate?

    I'm keen to hear some thoughts on this.

    I've just spoken to a colleague who "used to sand floors for a living". He tried to steer me away from using Timbermate putty to fill nail holes.

    Instead he suggested using cornice cement with a pigment colour matched to the timber. He reckons it's far more stable than a putty.

    Thoughts, opinions and experiences with the above welcome.

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    have not heard of it being used, but I suppose it could be OK ... I use Timbermate for woodworking and find it excellent - mind you, we used it on our fence - DO NOT USE FOR EXTERIOR WORK!!!!!!

    Experience is what you have when you apply knowledge and bugger something up - so I am now an experienced Timbermate user ..... can't hurt to try the cornice adhesive if someone you trust has done so with success

    .... and to be terribly pedantic - putty isnt filler and filler isnt putty
    Kilmore (Melbourne-ish)

    ....catchy phrase here

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