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Gaps in floorboards

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    Default Gaps in floorboards

    G'day guys, is there a product that will fill the gaps when floorboards openup? Im using a lot of putty at the moment and its taking ages. I can see the ground through the cracks, its going to get cold in Mt. Victoria soon.

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    Default Floor Board Gaps


    By far the easiest solution is to throw a rug over the top of them in the cold weather!

    I am assuming that the gaps at worst range from zero to a few mm, and can close up to almost nothing in wet periods?

    Simplest solution is to run ordinary old brown packaging tape (or mech vent duct tape) to the underside of the floor (also assuming you have access). In time the gaps will accumulate dust, when you next finish the floor - either with a polyurethane or a more "natural" finish, the finishing product will mix with the dust and form a sort of expansion caulking that looks as though it was meant to be there, and the tape will prevent it falling when more movement occurs.

    You could get all keen and brush in some wood flour in the first instance I guess, but I wouldn't bother unless I was refinishng the floor.

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    if the gaps are wide marine decking cauk could be a go.
    In the area I grew up in the houses were italian prefab with plain pine floor boards (no T&G) a family down the road filled the gaps with black decking cauk, sanded & clear varnished. Looked quite smart.

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    I have seen water-based flexible-paintable caulking used with success - and provided its applied with care, should be a cost effective solution.

    I have used it in the room I am in now for the same reason as you (ie: wind in the willows) and while it has only been about a year, the material is still fully intact and retaining full flexibility.... its available in a bunch of coulours these days too, which makes things easier.

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