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    Default Grind or Level

    Gday all,

    I will try to explain this as best i can as i dont have any pics to show you.

    New boards were laid in our renovation that butted up to the tiles of the old bathroom that was in use during the reno. This will be the new study.
    I always took it for granted that the tiles were laid onto fibro that was fixed to the boards in the bathroom, to my dismay the tiles were fixed to a suspended concrete floor.

    My problem is thus; The concrete has had a fall built into it from left - right.
    Where the new boards butt up to the concrete to the left of the door height diff is about 3mm falling away to the right 19mm.
    The plan was to continue the boards into the old bathroom.
    What would you suggest:
    A. Grind the concrete down to 19mm over the entire floor and level it.
    B. Level the floor up to 3mm as best as i can and lay "timber look" vinyl instead.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
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    how big a room?
    might be worth doing a demo on the suspended floor thereby removing any floor level problems. but you may need to build new sub floor structure to take the timber floor.

    or you could grind the floor level (good luck) :eek:

    Cheers Ian
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    Default Why not have a fresh start

    Maglite from your desciption your concrete is over a timber floor. If that is the case the slab will only be a couple of inches thick. Save yourself a heap of trouble a take the slab out. If the house is old there is probably poor water proofing on the extisting floor.
    19mm is a lot of grinding and then you will still need to use a self leveling compound over that.
    It is a simple job to remove a small slab. It will allow you to get the floor height, fall and floor waste where it should be.

    Please ignore every thing above if the floor is not concrete over timber.
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    I'd give the concrete the flick entirely and reframe the room floor in timber.

    Taking 19mm off a structural concrete floor could ulitmately have the same effect, but it's better to do it before you think the job is finished! :eek: :eek: :eek:



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    Bugger grinding 19mm or even chiping it with a demo hammer, thats a lot to go down,

    Sounds like you have a 100mm suspended slab which was built for the bathroom chances are its resting on a single brick skin wall. As others have said i would break the slab up and take it out all togther then build a new floor frame. (ie B+J's) being a small room you could bolt a plate on to the side of the old brick wall and build your floor frame off this.

    Grinding concrete is very very messy and $$$, if you hire a concrete grinder they mesaure the length of the diamond tips then charge you if you use them too much. (go fig of course you are going to use it)

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    ripping up the concrete floor and replacing sub floor framing and floor would be my prefered option as well.

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