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Hardwood Timber Flooring ... on Battens .. on Yellowtongue

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    Default Hardwood Timber Flooring ... on Battens .. on Yellowtongue

    Hi all

    I'm trying to achieve a seamless transition between my bedroom (hardwood timber flooring) and bathroom (tiles) - but the bathroom is 30-40mm higher because of screed + tiles.

    SO i want to batten the yellow tongue so that my timber floor can get the same level as the finished tiles.

    What is everyones thoughts on this? Any advice? Spacing between battens, or maybe not even need battens but need 12mm plywood?

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    I'd go the ply just so you can glue and secret nail the boards down easy.

    won't this create a step down from your bed room to the rest of the house though?
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