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Laminate Flooring - Laying Direction

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    Default Laminate Flooring - Laying Direction

    Hi All,

    Hi, I am just curious what laying direction other people would choose if their house is similiar to below.
    I need to lay laminates in lounge room, and all bedrooms, the rest are tiles flooring. The house is also facing North with plenty of windows, I am coming from Victoria Australia.

    Should I apply apply laminates the longer sheet 1) parrallel with the longeest wall, 2) left to right and cut out whatever leftover to fit the room? (in case it's horizontal to all bedrooms except louge room)

    Thanks heaps for your tips

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    since all the rooms are independent of each other I would run the boards parallel to the long wall in each room.
    but if you had been doing the hall as well (tiled) I would have done Bed 1 and Bed 2 parallel to the hall.

    in essence if you run along the long wall it will make the rooms look longer, if along the short wall they will look wider - depending on furniture, rugs etc

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    Default Laminate Flooring - Laying Direction

    Agreed, it would be a personal choice. My only advice would be to run them all the same as I think it's better, that is all east/west of all north/south.
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