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Laminate Over Laminate Flooring

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    Default Laminate Over Laminate Flooring

    Before I lay laminate, I want to raise the floor a bit higher so the height is even as my tiling areas. Initially, I was getting 7mm thickness plywood sheets - the only thing is that it is expensive (~$11 per m2) from Bunnings

    Then I saw some cheap laminate 6mm (Masters) in thickness (just 1mm less than plywood but 1mm won't matter much) and it's only $7 per m2, plus I would save money on delivery as well as I could chuck the boxes into a typical car.

    Will there be any issues laying laminate on top a laminate? I am also a bit concern about vapor/moisture.

    Any thoughts, tips, suggestions would be much appreciated.

    thank you.

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    Default Laminate Over Laminate Flooring

    I wouldn't imagine that there would be any problems using laminate as a subfloor. I'd be inclined to lay it perpendicular to the top floor. I would suggest builders plastic under the first layer of laminate then a foam/felt underlay between the layers.
    Of course subfloor prep to be done first and remember to leave expansion room around the outside.
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