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Polishing patches in jarrah floor

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    Default Polishing patches in jarrah floor

    Hi, I am totally new to the forum; my first question. I have had renos done in my kitchen, uncovering some areas of floor boards that were previously covered, therefore these areas have not been polished. I have been advised to use a product called Wattyl 7008, with a reducer to dull the polish a bit.
    Has anyone ever done "spot" repairs to a previously polished timber floor? was it successful? are there some perils to avoid? any hints or tips will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Spot repairs aren't generally the way to go because you can never get them quite right, the spots that you apply a thinner / new polish too are still going to stick out. There's generally a difference in colour too, as the boards you've just uncovered aren't going to have any UV damage. Though if you don't mind the few spots standing out then they'll work.

    Unfortunately the standard thing to do is strip the whole area back via sanding and apply a new finish. Uniform & will make the whole area look new beaut.

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    Red face

    Thanks for the welcome and the information; I had realised that it would be a bit patchy, but don't at this time want to do the whole floor area. Cheers.

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