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Pre-finish Timber Flooring Over Concrete

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    Default Pre-finish Timber Flooring Over Concrete

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post... Thanks for all the good tips and advice. This is a great forum.

    Anyway, we are in the process of building a new home and deciding what floor covering to select.
    I'm thinking of getting some Premium Readyflor Tasmanian Oak for the groundfloor and had been advised by a frienf to glue it directly onto the concrete after moisture barrier treatment of the slab. My friend thinks it looks more like real floorboard not having a bouncy effect.

    The woodflooring place rrecommend to use an underlay.

    Just wonder what advise or you guys may have.

    Thanks in adviance for your help.

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    Do yourself a favour and talk to David at Bosch Timber Flooring in Perth.
    He is the Guru of floors over in the west.
    Regards, Trevor

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    Ask yourself a simple question, "will my friend honor the warranty when based on his advise it all buggers up?".

    If you don't install as per the manufacurerers/suppliers instructions then you're out of pocket.

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    There are 2 main ways to lay timber or engineered tongue & groove flooring.

    One is to nail them - Nail (for wider boards) or secret nail (concealed ie. on the tongue).

    The other way common way is to do them as "floating floors". "Floating floors" is really a method of installing floors rather than the type of flooring per se. Essentially, a floating floor is NOT fixed to the floor substrate but has the floorboards glued to one another (via tongue & groove). Floating floors are often laid on a sheet of underlay.

    Floating floors are the default method of installing imitation timberboards, and getting popular for natural timbers as well, mainly for ease & speed of installation. Downside is that they make a hollow noise when walked on, although underlays help muffle this slightly.

    Hence, what the woodflooring place advised is to install via the floating floor method. In your case, you can't nail on the concrete floor, so the above is one option. You may need to check if the concrete is level & even though.
    There will probably be other options - speak to the flooring people for advice.

    Re prefinished boards, pros & cons. Pros - quicker, as you don't need to sand & varnish. Cons - you don't actually apply a layer of polyurethane or other layer, so there is no continuous film and you see the gaps more clearly.

    Hope the above adds more info to help you decide.

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    i would not use tasy oak there is a reason why they do not put it in any diplay areas in flooring shops it is SOFT .Go and have a look at it layed in a display home i think you will change your mind
    i would go for black butt it looks better and lasts longer and from memory has a density rating three time higher than tasy oak . it might be a little more expensive but well worth it in the long run . And it look hot layed . i but Boral two strip black butt down in my last reno .think it was about $70 m2.


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    Default Solid Pre-finsihed Timber Flooring

    I thought solid pre-finsihed timber flooring is much cheaper than engineered floating timber. The solid pre-finished timber only $47.30/sqm 1820 x 85 x18mm at C&G TIMBER FLOORING Acacia ridge

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