Hi all, you have a greta forum going here.

I am a noob to renovating as I have only just purchased my first home which is a 1930s art deco weatherboard. The flooring in the house is Tasmanian Oak and is showing signs of wear and tear. Since the house needs to be restumped and raised approximately 200mm, I have had a number of trustworthy restumpers provide quotes. The one thing they have all advised is that they will need to pull up some floorboards as there is just not enough crawl space. Rather than having the restumper pull up the boards, I would like to do the majority of work myself and save the most of the floorboards.

This site has provided plenty of food for thought with regards to getting the boards up without too much damage. However I would like to know the best way to relay the boards (and some additional recycled ones). Should I be nailing them back onto the joists? If, so do I need larger nails? Which type of nails would you all suggest?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated?