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split level floor and laminate flooring

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    Default split level floor and laminate flooring

    Hey all,
    First post on the reno forum, if this has been asked before then I've missed it in my search.

    I am buying a house that has a chipboard floor that is currently carpeted.
    The house is 'split level', in that one side of the house is about 200mm lower than the other, (not my design preference but beggars can't be choosy).

    I intend to replace the carpet with laminate timber flooring, but need some ideas on how to treat the ''step down" between the two levels.

    My only idea at the moment is to put a solid timber board on the vertical part of the step down to create an edge that the top floor laminate pieces will butt up against as this will be robust and not as susceptible to damage.

    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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    Nose profiles are available for laminate floors meeting a step. Should be an item of discussion when you approach the store you buy from.
    Keep in mind that the laminate floors float and need a 10mm gap around the perimeter.

    I reckon you may now get urged to lay a real timber floor.... I see the benefits of both.

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    Thanks Phil,
    Sorry, I posted and then lost internet connection for a while!

    Solid timber is out due to finances, the cost difference is too much for me.

    'nose profile' - I'll research that.

    thanks for your reply.

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