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Timber floor on existing tile mortar base?

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    Default Timber floor on existing tile mortar base?

    Ive been pullingup tiles to prepare to install 12mm overlay flooring, i found its too hard to remove the existing mortar screed that was applied to raise the slab level by 20mm and had tiles laid over it.

    Some spots are loose and the mortar comes off easy.
    Dio i refill these these areas agian with a sand cement mortar mix?
    i want to use Selleys vbs sealer but the surface has tiling glue and is very rough what do i do?

    i plan to use 15mm ply over this and glue my floorboards on it.

    how long should i leave the mortar base to dry before using the sealer? will it work over a rough surface?\\Cheers


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    easy & cheapest way to do it.

    - top all of floor with self leving compund.
    - allow to go off for a few days
    - lay 200um builders platsic, tape joints
    - lay 12mm plywood sheets
    - fix ply with hammer in anchors
    - nail & glue floor to ply.

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