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Water-proofing a timber verandah

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    Question Water-proofing a timber verandah

    Hi All,

    Just after some ideas at this stage. Basically we have a small front verandah, maybe 15-20 square metres. It's just simple timber decking but the rear half is actually on the inside of the downstairs wall. So when it rains (or we wash the house), any water goes straight through and soaks under our house. Putting any form of drainage underneath the floor is simply not practical as it attaches directly to the floor joists and meets with a brick wall. I did try to think of a catch and drain scenario but even if I could make it work, it'd be incredibly ugly and bulky in an area that doesn't have space to burn. So I'm trying to think of cost effective possibilities for sealing the top to prevent the water passing through gaps between the timber. Appreciate any ideas you might have.



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    Generally if the veranda is solid it should slope away from the house leaving any runoff on the lawn or in a garden. If it is decking with a gap there shouldn't be enough water coming through to create a problem. Anything you do to waterproof means you are going to need to shed water and I suspect that means creating a slope which you may not be able to do.

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    It does have a slight slope but the gap between the decking is more than enough to allow water through.

    My only thoughts so far are a very time consuming job of a silicon type product to seal each gap. Or waterproofing, then laying underlay and putting either tiles or a floating floor over the top.

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