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Where to source hardwood T&G flooring in Brisbane

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    Default Where to source hardwood T&G flooring in Brisbane

    Hi All,

    I need about 100m of 13mm T&G flooring for a renovation i'm half way through. Spotted gum is my favorite timber but probably outside my price range so i will need to look at other options.

    Can anyone recommend a good supplier in Brisbane? I was dealing with one of the flooring mobs but they are giving me the muck around.

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    Any timber yard. Wilsons has a decent website where you can have a look at different varieties and see the prices. I bought mine from versace, only because i had access to my boss' discount there and it was a 5 minute drive to pick it up, saving a delivery fee. They can be expensive though. Call around and find the best price. The flooring mobs are more expensive for supply only.

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