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Challenging pergola/patio roof design and materials

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    Default Challenging pergola/patio roof design and materials

    We have a courtyard area that we would like to erect a patio/pergola roof over.
    It is a challenging shape (see pic attached) where the roof will span from the house wall to a brick retainer wall (and also attach to an overhead walkway).
    We have had several quotes for insluated roof with 2 beams, U-channel style (Atlas, Patio Craft, True Line, Span Line).
    Altec has just been to quote and have offered a Heat Deflective Colourbond.... This quote is about $3k more than the other, but Altec say it is much stronger and will span our area without sagging, which they say will happen to the others.
    Does anyone have any idea on the advantages of this Altec product and is it worth paying the extra $$$....?
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    Mmmm, me thinks they might be telling you porkies. Ive never seen the heat defective colourbond so cant comment on that but, Ive had a fair bit to do with the composite roofs and they wont sag over the span that you require.

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    I have to agree with Ringtail. It sounds like the salesman was embellishing the truth somewhat in order to make his product look superior. I'd be looking closely at any information he has on the heat deflective properties of his sheets and he also should be able to provide some span tables for you (as the others should be able to as well) and you can compare them. If you're not sure how to read them then ask here and someone will help you through it.

    A quick read of the Altec web page suggests the sagging issue you were told about is part of the speel and while it's a genuine concern that needs to be considered, it is only in situations where the sheets are overspanned and checking span tables will help you to determine if that's the case or not. There are a number of sheets that will easily span your area.

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