Hi Members!

Seeking help! My first post and first major DIY project so go easy, please.

I am building Pergola (pic below) and will be roofing with clear PVC sheets at some point (i heard I need council permission). The frame is up but It's a little wobbly when i push it with force. Not at all to a point where I would be concerned but it will be good to have it absolute sturdy! Pergola is built on existing concrete with a 70 mm slope. All the Post Anchors (5) are bolted to existing concrete with 2 M 10 anchor bolts. Thank you for your help and time in advance.

Pergola Dimensions;

5 (W) x 4 (L) x 2.7 (H)

4 x 125x125 mm Cypress Posts and 1 100 x 100 Treated pine post in the front Middle.
2 x 240x45 mm Treated Pine lengths bolted with 2 x M 12 x 240 galvanized bolts on each post for all 5 Posts.
8 x 190x35 Treated Pine Rafters running diagonally with 450mm hang and 688 mm spacing (to cover 5 meters)
4 x Post Anchor Bolt Down w Raised Mount 100 mm M10 for Cypress posts (I had to cut the post to fit 100 mm anchor)

I have done following for Stability:
1) Added 100 X 100 mm treated pine post in the middle of front twin 240x45 beams
2) Added Metal Bracing diagonally
3) Added metal brackets to the secure rafters to the beams

Still to do :
4) Planning to add diagonal wood bracing (100x50 mm treated pine)
5) 7 of 70 x 35 Battens of 5.2 Meter to go over rafter
6) Add clear PVC roof sheets

Questions: -

- The structure is still shaky when i push it hard, is it normal behavior ?
- Will it be safe to add a roof and how can I check the roof load capacity ?
- Is there anything else I can do to add more stability to the frame?

Dimensions also mentioned in pic

Cross Metal Bracing: