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Patio roof over new deck extension advice

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    Default Patio roof over new deck extension advice

    Hi Guys and Girls,
    I'm looking to start a renovation on my mother's house for a deck that currently serves as an L shaped landing for the dining and master bedrooms but it isn't big enough to be a usable shape, I'm going to square it off into a 5.5x5.2 deck putting In 4 new timber piers to support the new section of bearers and unfortunately the joists will need to sit inloline with the bearers due to the height of the existing house bearers.
    A few questions:

    I will be running a patio/pergola roof, from the existing house roof (the roof is at 2 different heights so will be running extend a brackets from the lower section and hoping to fix straight through the eave facia of the higher section. I'm wondering if it's better to run the far corner post as a single post from the ground to the roof ledger which will be approx 4m above ground as the deck height is 1600mm or to use one post for the deck support then another fixed down through the deck onto the bearers.

    2. If it's run as a single post, how should I fix the bearer to it given that the last (rim) joist will also have to attach to it. I was thinking 125mm posts, I'd love to do a 200mm but for one that length in hardwood is over $400.

    3. The existing roof comes out past the end of the deck due to the eave and I was hoping to run the new patio roof like that also for aesthetics but that would mean an overhang past the ledger, ifs a high wind area is this going to cause more trouble than its worth as a pose to having the roofing tucked in behind the ledger?

    And other advice welcomed regards to design.

    Pics of the rough design and of existing space coming shortly once I work out how to share them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GavMan View Post
    Pics of the rough design and of existing space coming shortly once I work out how to share them.

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