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Pergola Beams

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    Default Pergola Beams

    Hi, i am wishing to do a pergola that will attach to our fascia. i wish to know what size posts i would need and size of beams, i was thinking of using either 240x70 or 290x45 in hardwood F17. See attached for more info. The beams would be for the spans 4.6, 3.6 and base 4.5 which will pick up the 3.6 beam.
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    Them some big lumps of timber. I dunno if you have tried lifting HWD beams like that, but believe me it aint easy. Have you thought about LVL's - even F17 LVL's ( not needed). A lot lighter and cheaper, not to mention perfectly straight and true

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    Agreed, treated LVLs may be the go or if you want a smooth paint finish GL8 treated pine beams

    The F17 down there in Melbourne will probably be Vic Ash too, useless for external applications.

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