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Replacing Deck roof with Insulted panels

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    Default Replacing Deck roof with Insulted panels

    Hi all, I am looking for some advice.

    I initially posted in the Deck Forum but got no response so, I figure now it should have been in the Pergola one. Since posting I have figured a few things out but still have a couple of questions.

    To Summarise , I have to replace my old fiberglass deck roof, it got damaged in a storm, I am thinking of going with insulated roofing panels, the $69 Sqm ones of ebay in Brisbane.

    The current deck posts are not high enough to support a beam they have been added to in the past so I am going to change these, they are actually bolted onto the posts that hold the deck up so I have 2 posts coming up through the deck one short with a handrail that is only about 800mm high so does not meet code, I am intending to remove the post for the pergola and cut the handrail post under the deck and bolt the new post on to the existing deck post. I rather change the post that holds up the deck and make it long enough for the roof but as I do not want to mess with the structure of the deck and the post is currently in the ground and concreted around, probably not ideal but it is there and working.

    My plan is to bolt a 3.6 m Merbau post to the old one as per the below image, does anyone see any issues with this?


    Also there does not seem to be much difference in price between a solid Merbau post and a laminated one, is there any benefit with going laminated?

    My other issue is the overhang of the pergola roof beam, the roof will go over my house roof by about 200mm and to avoid fitting a bracket and it looking unsightly and the fact my roof is steel with a solid approx. 150mm T&G timber ceiling there is no real support to attach a bracket to. So after some research I have found I can use a LVL18 240x45 beam and this will allow me to overhang the post by 1600mm with no support at the end, if this is true then it will make my life a lot easier, does anyone think this is doable?


    I need to use the house guttering so the roof will be pitched down to the house with a 300mm overlap, I intend to use fascia brackets to attach a beam on that side to screw the roof onto, but I have seen the brackets on this site and found images of them but I am not sure where to buy them, does anyone know?

    Here are a couple of other images that may help explain what I am doing.




    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails roof.png  

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    The deck suppliers usually have colourbond beams and posts, why not use them.

    The new posts could be bolted on top of the floor joist/beams just inside the railing posts, or you could run new railings in line with the new posts, and I would suggest running the roof away from, not onto, the existing roof.

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