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Shade sail mounting points on house/alfresco structure

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    Default Shade sail mounting points on house/alfresco structure

    I have a 6x8m 15kg shade sail I want to cover a pool area. I’d like to use the alfresco as an attachment for 2 mounts or the fixing points on the building but I don’t think it be strong enough. Be around 9x12 metre section between fixing points. Iv attached a few photos of the alfresco and the building. I’d appreciate any assistance with deciding the cost effective and safest points to use fixing a large shade sail to the building. If it’s safer just to set 2 more 100x100x3 SHS posts in the lawn il do that
    many thanks if you can help
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    It's a big sail, so I'd suggest the lightweight structure is not suitable for it. Probably best to consult a shade sail company on the size and angle of posts for the dimensions of sail. I notice they use round poles, rather than SHS. Maybe there are online guides out there...

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    If you attach even a small shade sail to that structure, guarantee you will see part or most of the structure on the ground in the next semi decent wind.
    You have been warned.

    When we install shade sails the requirement is a 4 or 5mm thick 100mm round galvanised post, concreted into the ground minimum 1m deep at an angle of around 10 deg.

    You can use 90mm 3.5mm round for smaller sails, bigger sails need bigger / thicker posts.

    Shade sails put massive stress on any connection point, the bigger the sail the bigger the stress.
    I have seen a number of connection points fail due to incorrect fixing.

    Your only real option is to put steel posts in the ground for all connection points.
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    Thats a decent sized sail and definitely wouldn't be attaching it to the veranda. The next big winds will easily have the potential to do some significant damage.
    Independant posts deep in the ground as per Metrix response is the only way to proceed.

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    We install sails commercially,
    Would use 168mm dia posts (150nb), you are best having a hyberbolic design (two lows opposite and two highs) that size sail approx. 1000mm height difference in post heights
    Footings 1200mm deep 450dia (25mpa concrete). 5 degree lean on posts (diagonally opposing)
    Be also mindful of not placing posts to close to your pool fence (will make non complying)

    If you install sail on a flat plane as opposed to a hyper sail you increase the loads at the fixing points greatly (not desirable)
    You can use CHS or RHS profile as long as adequate size is used

    We don't do residential anymore due to customers not wanting to accept the requirements and costs of doing properly.

    FYI dont attach to brick veneer construction without seeking advice first (many failures of walls due to incorrect placement, attachment)

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